The First Ever Après Ski Shirt

Not familiar with "Après Ski?"
Think of it as Happy Hour on the mountain – a world renowned, hallowed tradition celebrated amongst a giddying mix of high altitude and fresh powder.

What really tore our tickets was that no one had EVER designed a good looking shirt whose sole mission is to enhance the Après Ski experience. The slopes are packed with Cowboys and Daredevils. Now the lodge bar won't feel left out.

Our High Sierra ensures your Après experience will be as extreme as that cliff you totally just launched.

Dexter Rutecki would be proud.

Fabric for the Win

We took our social-centric design approach to the winter months and painstakingly selected fabrics from the best mills in the world.

Currently we're really into brushed twill (aka flannel). These fabrics feature heavily in both the Men's and the Women's assortment.

Proprietary Thermal Lining

We couldn't find what we wanted in the market, so we developed a custom waffle lining with our mill partners. A proprietary cotton-modal blend, it's super soft, breathable, and warm.

For the Ladies

We took the same social-first approach and created a female version of the High Sierra. Using all the same raw materials, this comes with all the same goodies.

A slouchy fit with a bit of an attitude. The hemline is designed to be worn over jeans or leggings. Vintage military inspired chest pocket is finished in 1/8" double needle stitching.

The Future of Après is most definitely Female.

What's with the Name?

The High Sierra is named after the mountain range in which we grew up skiing, camping, and adventuring.

The namesake and inspiration harken to one of our favorite authors who wrote extensively about California's majestic mountains.

Albeit for arguably less social reasons, Pioneering Conservationist, Sierra Author, and facial hair-pace-setter John Muir was called to the same mountains that beckon us.

I look upon every day to be lost, in which I do not make a new acquaintance.

- Samuel Johnson