Design Approach:

We start with you, the human. Not the shirt.


As industry veterans, we know that the story for most product design goes like this: “We need to make a shirt, so let’s design it like this.”  That design thinking is backwards. We ask questions;  What’s important to you in your life when you’re wearing our product?  What do you want to say to the world today?  With our customer at the center of our process, we deliver superior, distinctive, and more thoughtfully designed products.

Our vision is that the right product design will lead to more meaningful experiences and serendipitous encounters with those you’ve just met - or might meet - when you’ve holstered your tech.


Purposefully Designed for After Sport Socializing

Where sport is about performance, after sport is about connection.
We may never be the best surfers on the water or skiers on the mountain, but no one can out-Après us.
Our vision is that the right product design will lead to more meaningful experiences and serendipitous encounters with those you’ve just met - or might meet - once you’ve holstered your tech.
Our aim is to enable a switch from being socially anxious, to being socially confident. This is our entirely new and original way of thinking about clothing design.

Product Design

We know that technology may help you find the bar, but once you’re there, it’s all about connecting with the people who are there and not the ones sliding into your DM’s. Our features are designed to help you get the most out of every moment with your friends, and to be bold enough to make new ones.

Unique Features

Beverage Pocket... Honestly…

Bottle Opener - who doesn’t like opening someone’s brew for them?

Conversation Cards - subtle reminders that talking to people in real life is still fun.


Out of Pocket Pouch + Dry Pocket

The crown jewel of materials we’ve developed, this fabric pouch let’s you choose when you want to put your tech in its place. Cast out your demons, even if only for a minute.

Terry Cloth

Most of our pool-side styles are designed with our proprietary terry cloth. A modal blend that’s more absorbent than cotton, and softer than a baby llama bobbing her head to Hall and Oates. Feel like a Rich Girl as We Make Your Dreams (come true).

Wagyu Fleece

This Made in the USA blend of Bamboo and Spandex is the closest you’ll get to feeling like a pampered Japanese bovine.  It's the perfect way to relax in American Made luxury while you pretend you’re being bottle-fed craft beer and massaged in a field in Kansai, Japan’s famous Wagyu region. And also, you’re pretty high.

Finishing Touches


California Cowboy design and color concepts, and specifically the names of our products, are inspired by our daily experiences: getting out of the water after a surf, hitting happy hour with the squad, or heading off the slopes to Après for a few bowls of loud mouth soup. 

Patterns for cowboys

We draw pattern and color inspiration from places and people we love, movies we’ve watched on repeat, and cocktails we’ve indulged in far too many times. We also happen to have insanely talented designers, some of whom hand paint our prints that we transpose onto textiles. Bonus: Check out our Point Break-inspired “Sky-Dive on reclaimed redwood” in our shop in SF, hand painted by our graphic designer, Melissa.