Human Centered Design

Our design process starts with you, the human. Not the shirt.

Conventional brands' design process starts with the end product and backs into creation. We know this because we're industry veterans. Their approach goes something like this: "We're going to design a shirt, what should it look like?" Few designers incorporate a critical question: "Why?"

The Fashion Industry is taking crazy pills.

We're inquisitive. We're curious. We're fiercely social.

We believe screens can distract you from a good time. Don't believe us?

What's the best time you've ever had while staring at your phone?

These days, putting your phone away and starting a conversation is a Cowboy move.

For example, before we designed the High Water shirt, we asked ourselves a few questions about the Human:

  • What is someone saying to the world when they choose a floral print that morning from their closet? What does he want his day to look like?
  • What do people like us - Surfer, Skiers, and Social Cowboys - around the world, do in their clothing?
  • What do they want their gear to do for them?

Finally, as extroverts and carousing enthusiasts, we asked ourselves:
Can your style help you meet people? Can a shirt change the arc of your day?

We answer with a resounding YES.

From this exercise we derive Our Mission: Use style to bring people together.