We Changed the Game

Keep ...
Your Whistle Wet
Your Tech Dry
Your Torso Toweled


We couldn't find a terry cloth that met our standards for water absorbency, softness or breathability. So we custom developed our own cotton-modal blend.

The End Result: A plush, light weight terry cloth that's about 25% more breathable and water absorbent than standard cotton.

Softer than a baby llama listening to Hall and Oates.

Choose Wisely

Original Hand Painted
Vintage Floral
Lightweight Chambray
Plus a few of our Cowboy Concoctions

What's with the Name?

The High Water is a tip of the hat to one of our favorite Cowboys of all time, and specifically a quote from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Father of Gonzo Journalism, "Acapulco" shirt enthusiast, and social and literary pioneer, Hunter S. Thompson blazed his own trail.

His unique look and style were his own; a harbinger of the assuredly insightful and disturbing war he would wage on boring upon entering a room.

His adventures remind us to have our own. To put away our phone from time to time. To walk up to the edge and look over.

Buy the ticket, take the ride.

- Hunter S. Thompson